Non è un problema


I am very proud to announce the release of the first EP of Gregorio Mucci, a true artist and a bid friend. The title is “Non è un problema”, literally “It’s not a problem”, that is the only sentence that really describes the character of Gregorio. Unfortunately these songs are released in the middle of the end of the world, thanks to Covid-19 epidemic. See you in the next world, I promise we will bring it to you in person whenever it will be possible. In the meantime you can find it everywhere in the internet!

Gregorio is also on Facebook and Instagram, look how beautiful he is and imagine to watch him dance on a stage. It will be terrific.

Again, a big big THANK YOU to our friends at Agnus Records. These guys are investing in the music while the hole world is stopping, giving us the strength to continue to work hard as we always did, that is really necessary. Thank you!